Hello World!


This is a testing playground for Campbell to experiment and play around with website related things.

This website will change as projects are continued or new ideas and experiments arrive that are tested.

SpikeyBot: Discord Bot


I bot a made for Discord for fun. The bot can play music in a voice channel, simulate server members in a Hunger Games, and has other basic features for making being an admin easier, and features just for fun.



The stopwatch counts down from a specified time. The timer and it's controller are on two (or more) different devices.

Unity Game


This is a game I'm making in Unity3d for fun. The game includes terrain generation, and city generation is in progress.
Please refer to this Github page for more info.

Student Database


Basically, this is a web view of a mySQL server. This is intended to give the user a comprehensible interface for viewing and editing a table of data.

Account Management


This is similar to the Student Database, but is for managing the permissions of each user on this website. Obviously this means only trusted accounts can see this page.

PC Status


This page is to view the status of my computer (On or Off) from a web page, as well as press the power and reset buttons by shorting the pins on the motherboard.



Webpage for tracking phone sensors while driving a car. For use while taking a car on a track and recording all data about the car for later analysis.

Server Status


Shows the current status of all webservers that I manage, and lets me stop, start, and reboot each individually. This page also streams the log from all of the servers to this page for me to view easier.

More about Campbell

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Campbell also has a Github page available here, where most of the projects he has worked on are saved. Most repositories are private, but it still contains a few school projects as well as personal projects which are public.

Campbell is currently an undergraduate student at a California State University, and has found a lot of extra time to experiment with different projects and ideas. These projects include this website, a Unity3d based video game, an Android app, as well as other things. He has also been heavily involved in a FIRST Robotics Competition team in the California Bay Area.

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